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Chinese/Japanese Stationary Gallery

Business Card Design

Business Card Design Gallery

Business cards are printed on 3.43 x 1.93 inches, 87mm x 49mm, 80 lb. (215 gms) matte card stock With full color CMYK printing.


Letterhead Design

Letterhead Design Gallery

Printed on Acid-free, 24 lb. weight. Vellum finish, 92 brightness. With full color CMYK printing.


Return Address Labels
Return Address Labels Gallery

Self-sticking, printed and delivered in sheets. Label size 2.66 x 0.83 inches, 67.7mm x 21mm. With full color CMYK printing.

Order Form:

Please note that besides the Chinese/Japanese calligraphy are inluced with the pricing above. All other grapics or logo image will need to be provided by the customers (or addtional graphic design fee).

NOTE: AOL users: Some AOL account have been blocking or redirect our e-mail to their junkmail folder. If you have not received a reply from us, this may be the reason. Please try emailing us again, and if possible, give us an alternate email address to contact you.Thank you!

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