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about us

asian brush art logo

our specialty is in asian themed graphic design and traditional hand brushed ink calligraphy, moreover all our translators are native speakers of chinese, japanese and korean. therefore we have been working for clients with business related to asian culture, such as martial arts schools , pan-asian restaurants, architecture and feng shui consulting firms, acupuncture studios, photographers, feng shui studios, other graphic design studios and etc.

asian brush art & graphic design was founded in 1999, and is now based in greensboro, nc. our sister website asian martial arts design, specialized in asian theme martial arts related products & services was officially launched in feb. 2007. with the convenience of technology nowadays and 99% of our clients are outside of the nc state, our business has transitioned from a traditional office setting to an internet-based business with a network of production team since 2011.

we have had the pleasure of designing for clients all across the world, including: canada, england, australia, germany, sweden, scottland, ireland, united arab emirates and all over the u.s. hui-jung’s work has been featured in p.f. chang china bistro’s 2007-2015 menu, asiana suites (dubai), northern ohio live magazine cover, lds living magazine, “while you were out” bbc, kenzo parfums event, noon books, triangle area chinese american society of nc, silk china bistro, china motor sports conference, posty cards. inc, pc game- four houses, etc.

our business philosophy

calligraphy and design are forms of artistic expression. the founder of asian brush art believes that each artist has his/her own style and method of expression. our clients should always feel welcome to express their personal style when choosing either products or services, or even if it means to choose another company that better suits their needs. instead of pushy sales tactics, we believe in letting the work sell itself and focusing our energy on producing the best work and customer service. we will always do our best to bring the clients' vision to life.


see our client list

our team

contact information

our products and services included:

  • chinese calligraphy
  • japanese calligraphy
  • korean calligraphy

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  • logo design
  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • envelopes

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  • brochures/flyers/postcards design and printing
  • advertising design
  • brochure/flyer design
  • expo display design
  • catalog & magazine design
  • cd & album cover design
  • book cover design
  • book layout design
  • poster design
  • illustrations
  • invitations
  • postcards

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website design & development
  • website design, hosting & maintaining
  • flash animation
  • flash and interactive banner ads
  • web banner design
  • domain name registrations
  • website hosting & maintenance

martial arts supply

  • custom embroidered patches
  • custom greeting cards/ congratulating advanced rank cards
  • traditional hand brushed calligraphy wall hangings
  • custom certificates available in chinese, japanese and korean
  • hand carved seals/chops for instructors and schools

money you save for: count when we figure out how your

  • papers
  • brushes
  • ink stones
  • ink

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all logos, artwork, creations, designs found in asian martial arts design site are the property of asian brush art. all rights reserved. about us

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