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Lesson 2 - What date is today?

Click to hear sounds. You may hear by each sentence or the whole conversation. All the sounds were recorded by Hui-Jung, so even the male dialogue has female voice. Sorry about that. Hope it doesn't get you too confused.

To hear the whole conversation, click here.


Miss Ma: Ma3 xian1 sheng1, huan1 ying2. Ni3 shen2 me5 shi2 hou4 dao4 mei3 guo2 de5?

Miss Ma : Mr. Ma, welcome. When did you arrive to the U.S.?

Mr. Yang: Wo3 shang4 xing1 qi2 er4 lai2 de5.

Mr. Yang: I came last Tuesday.

Miss Ma: Shang4 xing1 qi2 er4 shi4 ji3 hao4?

Miss Ma: What date is last Tuesday?

Mr. Yang: Shang4 xing1 qi2 er4 shi4 san1 hao4.

Mr. Yang: It was the 3 rd last Tuesday.

Miss Ma: Jin1 tian1 bu2 shi4 qi1 hao4 ma5?

Miss Ma: Isn’t today the 7 th?

Mr. Yang: Bu2 shi4, jin1 tian1 shi4 shi2 er4 yue4 ba1 hao4.

Mr. Yang: No, today is 8 th of Dec.

Miss Ma: Jin1 tian1 xing1 qi2 ji3?

Miss Ma: What day is today?

Mr. Yang: Jin1 tian1 xing1 qi2 ri4 (or tian1).

Mr. Yang: Today is Sunday.

Miss Ma: Ni3 de5 peng2 you3 li3 hua2 ye3 shi4 shang4 xing1 qi2 er4 lai2 de5 ma5?

Miss Ma: Did your friend Li Hua also come last Tuesday?

Mr. Yang: Bu2 shi4, ta1 shi4 shang4 ge4 yue4 lai2 de5.

Mr. Yang: No, he came last month.

Miss Ma: Ni3 men5 shen2 me5 shi2 hou4 hui2 guo2?

Miss Ma: When will you return to (your) country?

Mr. Yang: Wo3 men5 ming2 nian2 yi1 yue4 shi2 yi1 hao4 hui2 zhong1 guo2?

Mr. Yang: We will return to China next year January 11 th.

Miss Ma: Wo3 men5 xia4 xing1 qi2 san1 jian4, hao3 ma5?

Miss Ma: Let’s meet next Wed., ok?

Mr. Yang: Hao3, xia4 xing1 qi2 san1 ji3 dian3?

Mr. Yang: Ok, what time next Wed.?

Miss Ma: Xia4 xing1 qi2 san1 xia4 wu3 san1 dian3, hao3 ma5?

Miss Ma: Next Wed at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, ok?

Mr. Yang: Hao3!

Mr. Yang: Ok!


New Words & phrases

The year before last

Qian2 nian2

The month before last

Shang4 shang4 ge5 yue4

The day before yesterday-

Qian2 tian1

The week before last

Shang4 shang4 ge5 xing1 qi2

Last year

Qu4 nian2

Last month

shang4 ge5 yue4


Zuo2 tian1

Last week

Shang4 ge5 xing1 qi2

This year

Jin1 nian2

This month

Zhe4 ge5 yue4


Jin1 tian1

This week

Zhe4 ge5 xing1 qi2

Next year

Ming2 nian2

Next month

Xia4 ge5 yue4


Ming2 tian1

Next week

Xia4 ge5 xing1 qi2

The year after next

Huo4 nian2

The month after next

Xia4 xia4 ge5 yue4

The day after tomorrow

Huo4 tian1

The week after next

Xia4 xia4 ge5 xing1 qi2

1. Year - nian2

2. month - yue4

3 number – hao4

4. week – qing1 qi2

5. birthday – sheng1 ri4

6. arrive – dao4

7. come – lai3

8. return to (your) country – hui2 guo2

Addtional sentences

  1. ji3 yue4 ji3 hao4
  2. Qu4 nian2 (de5) si4 yue4 san1 hao4
  3. Shang4 xing1 qi2 san1 shi4 wu3 yue4 liu4 hao4
  4. Jin1 nian2 shi4 liang3 qian1 ling2 wu3 nian2.
  5. Jin1 tian1 shi4 ji3 yue4 ji3 hao4?
  6. Ni3 lai2 mei3 guo2 ji3 nian2 le5?
  7. Ni3 de5 sheng1 ri4 shi4 shen2 me5 shi2 huo4?


I. Look at the picture at write out the dates.

For example,

PM, 1st of April, this year

Answer: Jin1 nian2 si4 yue4 yi1 hao4 xia wu3 san1 dian3 bian4.

1. PM, 5 th of May, last year

2.   PM, 22 nd of March, the year before last

3. AM, 13 th of Oct., next year

4. PM, 12 th of Nov. this year


II. Answer the following questions.

1. Shang4 shang4 ge5 xing1 qi2 wu3 shi4 ji3 hao4?

2. Zuo2 tian1 shi4 xing1 qi2 ji3?

3. Ni3 de5 sheng1 ri4 shi4 shen2 me5 shi2 huo4?

4. Ni3 de5 ba4 ba5 sheng1 ri4 shi4 ji3 yue4 ji3 hao4?

5. Si4 yue4 er4 shi2 hao4 shi4 qing1 qi2 ji3?


III. Come up with 5 questions that have something to do with lesson 1 & 2.

You may use what we have learned in Beginning Chinese I. We’ll ask each other those questions when you come to the class next time.


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