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Lesson 5 - Ordering in a restaurant


Click to hear sounds. You may hear by each sentence or the whole conversation. All the sounds were recorded by Hui-Jung, so even the male dialogue has female voice. Sorry about that. Hope it doesn't get you too confused.

To hear the whole conversation, Conversation


Waiter: Huan1 ying2 guang1 ling2, qing3 wen4 ji3 wei4?

Waiter : Welcome! How many?

Customer A: zhong3 gong4 san1 wei4.

Customer A: Total 3 people.

Waiter: Hao3! Qing3 zhe4 bian1 (li3) zuo4.

Waiter: Ok, please sit over here.

Waiter: Qing3 wen4 yao4 dian3 shen2 me5 cai4?

Waiter: What would you like to order?

Customer B: Wo3 men5 yao4 yi4 pan2 Gong1 bao3 ji1 ding1 han4 yi4 pan2 yao1 guo3 xia1 ren2.

Customer B: We would like a dishof Kung Bao Chicken and a dish of Shrimps with Cashew Nuts.

Waiter: Hao3, hai2 yao4 dian3 shen2 me5?

Waiter: Ok, what else would you like to order?

Customer A: Li3 xiao3 jie2, ni3 xiang3 dian3 shen2 me5?

Customer A: Miss Lee, what would you like to order?

Miss Lee: Wo3 yao4 dian3 yi4 wan3 niu2 rou4 mian4.

Miss Lee: I would like a bowl of beef noodle soup.

Customer B: Hai2 you3 yi4 wan3 suan1 la4 tang1.

Customer B: Also, a bowl of Hot and sour soup.

Waiter: San1 ren2 feng4 ma5?

Waiter: for 3 people?

Miss Lee: Dui4! San1 ren2 feng4.

Miss Lee: Yes, for 3 people.

Waiter: Ni3 men5 xiang3 he1 shen2 me5?

Waiter: What would you like to drink?

Customer A: Wo3 men5 yao4 yi4 bei1 pu2 tao2 zhi1, yi4 bei1 ke3 le4, hao3 you3 yi4 ping2 pi2 jiu3.

Customer A: We would like a glass of apple juice, a can of coke and a bottle of beer.

Waiter: Hai2 yao4 shen2 me5 ma5?

Waiter: Anything else you would like?

Customer B: Zhe4 yang4 jiu4 hao3.

Customer B: This is fine.

New Words

1. Welcome - huan1 ying2 kuang1 ling2
2. order – dian3

3. an order – fen4

An order of ___ – yi2 fen4

4. This way – Zhe4 yang4.

Zhe4 yang4 a5!/ Zhe4 yang4 o5 - Also could be used as expression as “I see.”, “Is this so.

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