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Chinese Food List

Click to hear sounds. You may hear by each sentence or the whole conversation. All the sounds were recorded by Hui-Jung, so even the male dialogue has female voice. Sorry about that. Hope it doesn't get you too confused.

Chinese Food

Chinese Breakfast – zao3 dian3/zao3 fan4

1000-year egg – pi2 dan4


Vegetable, meat rice roll – fan4 tuan2

Deep Fried bread sticks - you2 tiao2

Egg cakes roll – dan4 bing3

Steamed buns - Man2 tou2

Rice & peanut milk – mi3 jiang1

Pan Fried pancake – shao1 bing3

Rice porridge – xi1 fan4

Soup – tang1

Rice Dish

Noodle Dish


Main Dish – zhu3 cai4

Snack Dish – dian3 xin1

Drinks – ying2 ping3/ ying3 liao4

Measuring Words

One bottle - yi4 ping2

One bowl - yi4 wan3
One dish – yi4 pan2
One pair - yi4 shuang
One glass – yi4 bei1

One can - yi2 guan4


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