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Lesson 1 - Simple Greetings

Click to hear sounds. You may hear by each sentence or the whole conversation. All the sounds were recorded by Hui-Jung, so even the male dialogue has female voice. Sorry about that. Hope it doesn't get you too confused.

To hear the whole conversation, click here.


Mr. Lee: Ni2 hao3! Wo3 shi4 Li3-Ming2. Wo3 shi4 ni3 de5 lao3 shi1.         

Mr. Lee: Hello! I am Li-Ming. I am your teacher.



Miss Xie: Li3 xian1 shen1, ni2 hao3!(Mr. Lin, hello! )

(She may also says Li3 lao3 shi1, ni2 hao3! Li teacher, hello!)



Wo3 shi4 Xie4 Lan2-Xin1. Wo3 shi4 ni2 de5 xue2 shen1.

Miss Xie: Mr. Li, hello!(She may also says Li Teacher, hello!) I am Xie Lan-Xin. I am your student.



Mr. Lee: Xie4 xiao3 jie2, ni2 hao3!Mr. Lee: Miss Xie, hello!


Miss Xie: Zai4 jian4!Miss Xie: Goodbye!Mr. Lee: Zai4 jian4!Mr. Lee: Goodbye!  


New words

I Wo3 You Ni3 He/She/It Ta1
My Wo3 de5 Your Ni3 de5 His/Her/Its Ta1 de5
 I am Wo3 shi4  You are Ni3 shi4 He’s/She’s/It’s  Ta1 shi4 
We Wo3 men5 You Ni3 men5 They Ta1 men5


Wo3 men5 de5 Your

Ni3 men5 de5

Their Ta1 men5 de5
We are Wo3 men5 shi4 You are Ni3 men5 shi4 They are Ta1 men5 shi4


1. Hello! ----- Ni2 hao3!

2. Mr./Husband ----- Xian1 shen1

3. Miss ----- Xiao2 jie3

4. Mrs. ----- Tai4 tai5

5. Student ----- xue2 shen1

6. Teacher ----- lao3 shi1

7. Thanks ----- Xie4 Xie5

8. Thank you ----- Xie4 xie5 ni3

9. a polite/respectable term for Ni3 ----- Nin2

10. Goodbye ----- Zai4 jian4



  1. yi1
  2. er4
  3. san1
  4. si4
  5. wu3


I. Translating the following phrases.

Yang2 says : Ni2 hao3! Wo3 shi4 Yang2 xiao2 jie3. Ta1 shi4 Zhang1 xian1 shen1.

Li3 says : Yang2 xiao2 jie3, Zhang1 xian1 shen1, ni3 men5 hao3! Wo3 shi4 Li3 xian1 shen1. Ta1 shi4 wo3 de5 tai4 tai5.


II. Can you say the following sentences in Chinese?

Write down the Pinyin expect number 4, and practice the following phrases. Most importantly, try to remember how to say those phrases without looking at the Pinyin.

1.        Greet a person in Chinese.

2.        Introduce yourself to someone

3.        He is a teacher.

4.        We are students.

5.        Say thank you and goodbye to someone.

6.        Be familiar using the words in the table chart above.























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