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Lesson 6 - Hobbies

Click to hear sounds. You may hear by each sentence or the whole conversation. All the sounds were recorded by Hui-Jung, so even the male dialogue has female voice. Sorry about that. Hope it doesn't get you too confused.

To hear the whole conversation, click here.

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To hear the whole conversation, click here.


http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-MissLi1.mp3Miss Li: Zhang1 xian1 shen1, wu3 an1.

Miss Li: Mr. Zhang, good afternoon!

http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-Mr.Zhang1.mp3Mr. Zhang: Li3 xiao3 jie2, wu3 an1.

Mr. Zhang: Miss Li, good afternoon!

http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-MissLi2.mp3Miss Li: Ni2 you3 kong4 shi2 xi3 huan1 zuo4 shen2 me5?

Miss Li: What do you like to do when you have free time?

.http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-Mr.Zhang2.mp3Mr. Zhang: Wo3 xi3 huan1 chang4 ge1, ni2 ne5?

Mr. Zhang: I like to sing, how about you?

http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-MissLi3.mp3Miss Li: Wo3 you3 kong4 shi2 xi3 huan1 hua4 hua4.

Miss Li: I like to drawing when I have free time.

http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-MissLi4.mp3Miss Li: Na4, ni2 xi3 huan1 kan4 dian4 yin3 ma5?

Miss Li: Then (That), do you like to watch movies?

http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-Mr.Zhang3.mp3Mr. Zhang: Wo3 hen2 xi3 huan1 kan4 dian4 yin3. Ni2 xian4 zai4 you3 kong4 ma5?

Mr. Zhang: I like to watch movies very much. Do you have free time right now?

http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-MissLi5.mp3Miss Li: You3 a5!

http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-Mr.Zhang4.mp3Mr. Zhang: Wo3 men5 qu4 kan4 dian4 yin3, hao3 ma5?

Mr. Zhang: Let's go watch a movie, ok?

http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/lesson6-MissLi6.mp3Miss Li: Hao3 a5! Wo3 men5 xian4 zai4 qu4 kan4 dian4 yin3.

Miss Li: Sure, let’s go watch a movie now.


New Words


http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/free.mp3free time- you3 kong4
    • when have free time- you3 kong4 shi2
http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/swim.mp3swim – you2 yong3
http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/do.mp3do/make- zuo4 http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/sing.mp3singing – chang4 ge1
http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/goto.mp3go to- qu4 http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/music.mp3listen to music – ting1 yin1 yue4
http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/now.mp3now- xian4 zai4 http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/ski.mp3Ski – hua2 xue3
http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/movie.mp3watch a movie- kan4 dian4 yin3 http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/painting.mp3painting/drawing – hui4 hua4 (hua4 hua4)
http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/book.mp3read a book – kan4 shu1/du2 shu1 http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/soccer.mp3play soccer – ti1 zu2 qiu2
http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/tennis.mp3play tennis – da3 wang3 qiu2 http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/cooking.mp3cooking- peng1 ren4
http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/dance.mp3dance – tiao4 wu3 http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/computer.mp3computers- da3 dian4 nao3
http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/computergame.mp3computer games- dian4 nao3 you2 xi4 http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/horse.mp3horseback riding- qi2 ma3

Addtional words

  1. http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/home.mp3 home remodeling - zheng3 xiu1 fang2 zi5
  2. http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/car.mp3car repair – xiu1 che1
  3. http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/DIY.mp3 DIY- zi4 ji3 dong4 shou3 zuo4
  4. http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/gardening.mp3 gardening- yuan2 yi4
  5. http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/ceramics.mp3ceramics- tao2 yi4
  6. http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/chat.mp3chat- liao2 tian1


http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/100000-90000.mp3100000 to 90000

http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/1million-9million.mp31 million to 9 million


I. Write down your answers on a sheet.

 1. http://www.asianbrushart.com/Chinese/Lesson6/homework1.mp3

What does Mr. Li like?


Where did Miss Zhang go yestarday?


What does Mrs. Xie like to do when she has free time?


Does Miss Li like to swim?


Does Mr. Lin like horseback riding?


Translate the question, and write down your answer.


Translate the question, and write down your answer.


Translate the question, and write down your answer.


  • Practice how to say the things that you would like to do when you have free time. You will be telling us all about it in class next time.



























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