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Lesson 7 - Shopping



Click to hear sounds.

You may hear by each sentence or the whole conversation. All the sounds were recorded by Hui-Jung, so even the male dialogue has female voice. Sorry about that. Hope it doesn't get you too confused.

To hear the whole conversation, click here.



Customer: Lao2 ban3, qing3 wen4, zhe4 ge4 duo1 shao3 qian2?

Customer: Boss (Owner), may I ask, how much does this cost?

Owner: Na4 ge4 (shi4) liu4 bai3 kuai4 ( or yuan2).

Owner: That is $600.

Customer: Tai4 gui4 le5! You3 mei2 you3 bi3 jiao4 pian2 yi2 de5?

Customer: It’s too expensive. Do you have cheaper ones?

.Owner: You3, zhe4 ge4 bi2 jiao4 pian2 yi2, zhi3 mai4 si4 bai3 kuai4 ( or yuan2).

Owner: Yes, this is cheaper, only sell for $400.

Customer: Tai3 xiao3 le5! You3 mei2 you3 bi3 jiao4 da4 de5?

Customer: Too small! Do you have larger/bigger ones?

Owner: you3 a5! Na4 ge5 bi3 jiao4 da4 mai4 si4 bai3 qi1 shi2 kuai4 ( or yuan2).

Owner: Yes! That is larger/bigger, sell for $470.

Customer: You3 mei2 you3 ze2 kuo4? Or you may say

Shuan4 pian2 yi2 yi4 dian5, hao3 ma5?

Customer: Is there a discount? Or you may say

Give (Count) me a little cheaper (price), ok?

Owner: Dui4 bu4 qi3, mei2 you3 ze2 kuo4.

Owner: Sorry, no discount.

Customer: Na4,you2 dian3 gui4. Ni3 shuan4 si4 bai3 wu5, wo3 jiu4 mai3.

Customer: Then, it’s a little expensive. I won’t buy. You “count” $450, then I will buy it.

Owner: Hao3! Shuan4 ni3 si4 bai3 wu5 shi2 kuai4 ( or yuan2).

Owner: Fine/Ok! “Count” you $450. (Ok, I will sell you for $450.)


New Words


  1. Boss/owner- Lao2 ban3
  2. How much/How many – duo1 shao3
  3. money – qian2
  4. dollar - kuai4/yuan2
    • $0.30 – san1 mao2
    • $0.03 – san1 fen1
  5. too (much) – tai4
  6. expensive - gui4
    • too expensive- tai4 gui4
    • very expensive - hen3 gui4
    • a little expensive- you2 dian3 gui4
    • not expensive- bu2 gui4
  7. cheap – pian2 yi2
  8. compare (more…) – bi3 jiao4
  9. Do you have…? - you3 mei2 you3 = you3 …. Ma5?
  10. sell - mai4
    • only sell – zhi3 mai4
    • have sell – you3 mai4
    • don’t sell – bu2 mai4
  11. small - xiao3
  12. big/large – da4
  13. discount- ze2 kuo4 (da3 ze2)
  14. count/give a price for - shuan4
  15. a little – yi4 dian3

Addtional words

  1. special price - te4 jiao4
  2. Is it cheaper? You3 bi3 jiao4 pian2 yi2 ma5?
  3. Do you have cheaper ones? You3 bi3 jiao4 pian2 yi2 de5 ma5?
  4. 10% off – da3 jiu3 ze2
  5. 40% off – da3 liu4 ze2
  6. How about this? Zhe4 ge5 ne5?
  7. How about $30? San1 shi2 yuan2 ne5?
  8. I’ll sell you $300. Wo3 mai4 ni3 san1 bai3 yuan2.
  9. Made in America – mei2 guo2 zhi4
  10. Chinese goods – zhong1 guo2 huo4


I. How do you say the prices?

  • $430
  • $340.50
  • $15.55
  • $77.99
  • $84.05

 II. Translation

Excuse me, may I ask, how much is this?

This is $1700.

It’s too expensive. Give me a little cheaper price, ok?

$1700, ok?

No, how about $1500?

Fine, I will sell it to you for $1500


























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