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Lesson 5 - Colors



To hear the whole conversation, click here.



Miss Lin: Chen2 tai4 tai5, zhe4 ge5 shi4 hong2 se4 ma5?

Miss. Lin: Mrs. Chen, is this red?

Mrs. Chen: Lin2 xiao2 jie3, bu2 shi4.

Mrs. Chen: No, Miss Lin.

Miss Lin: Zhe4 shi4 shen2 me5 yan2 se4?

Miss Lin: What color is this?

Mrs. Chen: Zhe4 ge5 shi4 fen3 hong2 se4.

Mrs. Chen: This is pink.

Miss Lin: Na4 ge5 shi4 shen2 me5 yan2 se4?

Miss Lin: What color is that?

Mrs. Chen: Na4 ge5 shi4 huang2 se4. Ni2 xi3 huan1 huang2 se4 ma5?

Mrs. Chen: That is yellow. Do you like yellow?

Miss Lin: Wo3 bu4 xi3 huan1.

Miss Lin: I don’t like it.

Mrs. Chen: Na4, lan2 se4 ne5?

Mrs. Chen: That, ( Then), how about blue?

Miss Lin: Wo3 zui4 xi3 huan1 lan2 se4.

Miss Lin: I best like blue. (My favorite color is blue.)

Mrs. Chen: Wo3 ye3 shi4.

Mrs. Chen: So am I.


New Words


This - zhe4 ge5 Yellow - huang2 se4
That - na4 ge5 Green - lu4 se4
color - yan2 se4 Blue - lan2 se4
like - xi3 huan1 Purple – zi3 se4
favorite - zui4 White – bai2 se4
The best- zui4 hao3 Black – hei1 se4
Red - hong2 se4 Grey – hui1 se4
Orange - ju2 se4 Pink – fen3 hong2 se4




Listen to number 100 to 900

Listen to number 1000 to 9000

Listen to number 10000 to 90000

100. yi4 bai3

3000. san1 qian1

200. liang3 bai3

4000. si4 qian1

300. san1 bai3

10000. yi2 wang4 (tone changes)

400. si4 bai3

20000. liang3 wang4

1000. yi4 qian1

30000. san1 wang4

2000. liang3 qian1

40000. si4 wang4


I. Make flash cards with colors on one side, and Chinese on the other. Practice using those flash cards. Please remember to bring them into class next week.


II. Connecting the colors. Try first study the colors, do the following without looking at the colors in Chinese above.

  1. Night
  2. Bananas
  3. Grass
  4. Eggplant
  5. Apples
  6. Oranges
  7. Sky
  8. Snow

a. hong2 se4

b. ju2 se4

c. huang2 se4

d. lan2 se4

e. hei1 se4

f. zi3 se4

g. bai2 se4

h. lu4 se4


























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