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Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo Reference CD

This Chinese calligraphy tattoo reference CD was designed for tattoo artists and studios as tattoo designs. The searchable CD manual contains 600 names and 150 common words for use by Tattoo artists. Each item has been shown using four readable yet artistic fonts. Printouts can be generated for your customers showing the characters, their meanings and pronunciation.

4 styles examples

?If your customers would like phrases, or words that is not on the CD, the custom translation orders are available as well on a per piece basis through our website at a special discount to registered artists.


The reference costs $49 + shipping. It comes on a self-contained CD and grants open lifetime license to the registered user for unlimited use within their shop.

Note: The tattoo shop or artists may not make copies of CD or images for re-selling or use the contents to make tattoo flash for selling or free download.

You may contact us for more information or questions using the below form.

NOTE: AOL users: Some AOL account have been blocking or redirect our e-mail to their junkmail folder. If you have not received a reply from us, this may be the reason. Please try emailing us again, and if possible, give us an alternate email address to contact you.Thank you!

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Chinese Tattoo Reference CD
The searchable CD manual contains 600 names and 150 common words. Note: The tattoo shop or artists may not make copies for re-selling or use the contents to make tattoo flash for selling or free download.






































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