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Custom Calligraphy (via Digital Files or Handbrushed on Traditional Rice Papers)


Custom Stamps and Seals (Via Machine / Hand Carved)

Marble Seals

Custom Asian Theme Graphic Design (Design/Printing )


Commercial Use Designs (Web, Magazine, Display Booth, Newspaper, Ads and Promotions)


Decorations Scrolls & Calligraphy Supply


Other Services & Specials



Lessons & Tutoring

Chinese Conversation & Calligraphy Classes

If you are looking for a Chinese teacher or simply a tutor to help you with your Chinese class for Spring 2014, Hui-Jung may be able to help. In person, one-on-one classes available in the Greensboro area for both Chinese conversation and Chinese calligraphy classes. Or through Skype for Chinese conversation lessons. Currently, Hui-Jung uses the following text book with studnets "Colloquial Chinese: The Complete Course for Beginners".

Chinese Conversation Lessons were previously taught in FaithAction International House (Greensboro, NC) & Royal Oak Continuing Education ( Michigan).

Other Lesson Resource

Lessons posted online at: Chinese Beginning Conversation I

Lessons posted online at: Chinese Beginning Conversation II

Privte one-on-one or with friends

Greensboro, NC

Number of Students

Chinese Conversation/ Tutoring


1 $35 hr $35 hr
2-3 $55 hr $55 hr
3+ $55 hr + $3 for each additional student $55 hr + $3 for each additional student

Calligraphy Supplies (books, practice paper, brush pens, ink, etc.) may be provided for an additional fee.



















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