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Custom Calligraphy (via Digital Files or Handbrushed on Traditional Rice Papers)


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To order a simple translations of a word or phrase in Chinese calligraphy please go to: e-mail orders

Our translation services include documents/website text translation, Chinese tattoo evaluation, original calligraphy translation, and other translation.

Documents/Website Text Translation

Documents of all kinds may be translated professionally and economically from English to Chinese/Japanese/Korean or Chinese/Japanese/Korean to English for use of website, flyers, restaurant menu, marketing documents, product manuals, letters, and etc. Documents may be sent as MSWord, TXT or RTF files or as JPG/TIFF images. Pricing is by character/word from target language.

Chinese/Japanese/Korean Tattoo Evaluation

If you have a Chinese tattoo, and you are unsure if it is accurate translated or would like to know how it looks in Chinese eyes. You can now email us an image of your tattoo. We will evaluate your tattoo for you and let you know  what the characters mean, how to pronounce them and if they are look nice to Chinese eyes. This service starts at $15.00 and up.

Original Asian Calligraphy Translation

If you have bought a Chinese/Japanese/Korean calligraphy, and would like to find out what it says, when it was written and who the calligrapher is, you may now email us an image of the calligraphy. We will contact you the translation fee, and if it is something that we could provide you information with. This service fee may vary. Our base service fee starts at $15.00 and up.

Other Translation

To find out what  the Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters mean on other objects like cups, plates, tea pot, wood carving and etc. You may also email us an image of the calligraphy. We will first look at the picture, then give you a price quote on this. We'll translate and let you know what the characters mean in English, how to pronounce them in Chinese/Japanese/Korean. This service fee may vary. Our base service fee starts at $15.00 and up.

You may e-mail  the documents or images to get a price quote at:


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