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Custom Calligraphy (via Digital Files or Handbrushed on Traditional Rice Papers)


Custom Stamps and Seals (Via Machine / Hand Carved)

Marble Seals

Custom Asian Theme Graphic Design (Design/Printing )


Commercial Use Designs (Web, Magazine, Display Booth, Newspaper, Ads and Promotions)


Decorations Scrolls & Calligraphy Supply


Other Services & Specials


phoenix certificate


Red Phoenix certificate

















Standard Certificate Layouts

Layout 1
Layout 2
Layout 3
Layout 4
Layout 5
Layout 6
Layout 7








Custom Martial Arts Certificates

Certificate FAQ

8.5 x 11 inches 11 x 17 inches 13 x 26 inches Cer. Scrolls

These award certificates are custom made for your Dojo school or other classes. You supply the text to be translated and the logo (logo design services may be provided for an additional fee). All the layout is custom made, therefore we can arrange it any way you want. You may simply fill in the students name, rank, and date lines when awarding the certificates. The rank certificates may be printed in the following languages Chinese/Japanese/Korean/English. For Standard Certificates, select the layout preferred from the samples and paper/borders shown on the page.



Standard Certificates

Custom Martial Art Certificate

8.5 x 11 inches

Gold/Red Foil Phoenix

Gold Red Foil Phoenix Certificates

11 x 17 inches

Initial layout/translation setup fee ( $20.00)
No set up fee
5 Certificates
$75 ($15 each)
10 Certificates
$65 (comes with 10 certificates folders)
$95 ($9.5 each)
20 Certificates
$85 (w/ 20 certificates folders)
$140 ($7 each)
30 Certificates
$120 (w/ 30 certificates folders)
$180 ($6 each)
50 Certificates
$180 (w/ 50 certificates folders)
$250 ($5 each)
100 Certificates
$290 (w/ 100 certificates folders)
$350 ($3.5 each)
100+ Certificates


With addtional fee, your choices of Bronze/Gold or Blue/Gold foils. 10 Foils- $6.50, 20 Foils- $13 and etc.

Custom Phoenix Certificates


Gold Foil Phoenix- White Color Stocks or Parchment papers

Red Foil Phoenix- Ivory Color Stocks

Personalized Rank Certificates- additional charges (Includes student's name, rank date printed.) add $5 per certificate if only printing student's name in English, add $8 per certificate if printing student's name in Bilingual

Hand Brushed Certificates

(In Chinese, Japanese or Korean)

Hand brushed certificate

Hand brushed on 13"x 26" imported rice paper. They are ready for framing and include spaces for the instructor/school seal. Prices vary depending on the number of characters and complexity of layout but generally range from$75 to $95 USD (Included translation fee.). May be offered as an option to the student in addition to the above certificates. Contact us with the English text to be translated and names of student and instructor (we will provide Chinese/Japanese/Korean name translation). Five layout examples below.

Hand Brushed Martial Arts Certificate

Custom Certificates Order Form

Please note that the logo images and seal images on our example layouts, they are examples to show you where your logo and seal would fit. They are not to be printed or stamped for your certificates. Thank you!

Your E-mail:
Your Name:
School Name:
Type of Certificate:
Certificate Layout 1 to 14: Foil Seals:
Standard Certificate Papers (If ordering standard 8.5 x 11 inches certificates )
Select only if ordering 13 x 26 inches Handbrush Rice Paper Certificate
Quantity of Certificates
Language to be Translated
School Logo ( If, Yes, please e-mail us your logo in high resolution to
Instructor/School seals
Certificate Text
Additional instructions
School website
Ship to
Payment Method

Visit Asian Martial Arts Design:

Specificalized in Asian theme graphic design and needs for Martial Arts schools, such as custom certificates, patches, traditional scrolls, logo design, website design, flyers, Brochures, folders, stationery and other Marketing Material Design products.
Custom Logo Design
Custom Hand Carved Instructors and Schools Seals
Custom Embroidered Patches
Custom Brochures/Flyers Design

Web Design/ Hosting

Custom Website Design & Hosting

Gold Phoenix Certificate

Click on the image to see enlarged pictures.

Marial Arts Certificate

Standard Certificate Paper Choices

The certificate size is 8 1/2" x 11".


custom certificate

custom certificate


















Standard Certificate Layouts

Layout 8
Layout 9
Layout 10
Layout 11
Layout 12
Layout 13
Layout 14




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Specialized in Chinese graphic design, Japanese graphic design, Korean graphic Design and traditional hand brushed ink calligraphy.

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