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Custom Hand Carved Seals

The seals can be custom carved in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English or simple line art. These traditional seals are especially carved for calligraphers, artist and martial art instructors to sign their masterpieces and stamp on the certificates. Some may carve an auspicious word for stamping on their arts or greeting cards. Each seal is unique and artistic designed. Made of high quality stone, black ox horn or exotic woods, these chops will last a lifetime.

Click below seal type to see more info about pricing and sizes.

name seals chops name seals chops

Black Ox Horn Seals

Size- 0.7 inch to 1.42 inches

custom carved chop name seals chops

Traditional Plain Wood Seal

Size- 1 inch to 3 inches

Custom Agate seal name seals chops

Traditional Agate Seals

Size- 5/8-6/8 inch, larger size upon request

name seals chopsname seals chops

Sandalwood Seals

Size- about 5/8-6/8 inch to 1.42 inches

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