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Korean Calligraphy via Digital Files

Styles of calligraphy to choose from

Hanja style- A

Hanja style- B

Hanja style- C

Hanja style- D

Hanja style- E

Korean Hangul

(Hangul style F), (Hangul style G), (Hangul Style H), (Hangul Style I)

You may order names or short phrases as a digital file only order. Please note that non-Korean names are only translated with Hangul characters. Processing times are fast (generally 2-3 business days) and images may be used in a variety of non-commercial applications from non-bussiness websites to tattoos. Images are sent as JPEG in 100 dpi resolution.

Business use quality resolution of 300 dpi or higher upon request with business use rate. May request different file formats.

How does Korean language works? How does Hanja and Hangul used? How Is the translation done?

Korean Price Quote (Personal Use 100 dpi JPEG)

  Style A/B/C/F/G or H Style D or E
Single name or word
First & Last name/
Single phrase up to 4 words
Single phrase up to 8 words
Single phrase up to 10 words
Single phrase up to 15 words
16 and above words


Korean Calligraphy via Digital Format Order Form

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The word "Asia" in Korean Hanja

in Korean Hangul

Korean Hangul Styles

Korean calligraphy

Hangul Style F

Korean calligraphy

Hangul Style G

Korean calligraphy

Hangul Style H

Korean Hangul

Hangul Style I





















How does Korean Language works?
Brief information about Hanja and Hangul symbols

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The Korean language uses two different characters system. Though, the modern Korean text is mostly written in Hangul.


Japanese Kanji

Hanja characters refers to those characters were borrowed from Chinese and incorporated into the Korean language with Korean pronunciation. Since Hanja did not have a major reform in Korean's culture, they are almost entirely identical to traditional Chinese characters. There are only some hanja characters are modified or unique to Korean.
Hanja are ideograms, which mean that each character has its own meaning and corresponds to a word. By combining characters, more words can be created. This form of characters was used more often in older generation. Therefore, we usually suggest our clients that if being able to recognized a phrase/word as in Korean, it would be best to go with Hangul characters to avoid the confusing whether if it is meant to be Chinese, Japanese or Korean.


Korean hanful

In the 15th century a national writing system was developed by Sejong the Great, nowadays called Hangul. Hangul became the official writing system for the Korean in the mid-1440. Because of the influence of Confucianism and of Chinese culture, Hangul was not widely used by scholars or Koreans of the upper classes until after 1945.Nowaday, hangul is widely used as the main character system. Hangul is the native alphabet of the Korean language.


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