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Catalogue Chinese Rubber Stamps

Use the chart and English reference below to choose your stamps. Click on the image to enlarge picture.

There are 122 stamps in our catalogue. Stamps vary in size, based on the shape and layout of the characters. You may get a discount by ordering larger quality. See the chart below. Whole sale buyer, please e-mail for the cost. Custom size stamps are available as special order items. If you don't see a stamp that you want, you may also order a custom made rubber stamp. See the price quote for custom stamps at: Custom Rubber Stamps (In Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

Common Stamp Questions

Number of characters Size
1 character 1 inch
2 characters 1 1/2 inches
3 characters 1 1/2 inches
4 characters 2 inches

Price Quote in Quantity- Discounted 10% -25% off

E-mail for whole sale quote

You may choose one of the style.

Style 1   Style 2 Style 3


Please Place Your Order Using Rubber Stamp Order Form At:

Custom Rubber stamps Page


Sample Designs

Chinese Double Happiness (Style 2)














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